How to save contacts and Change the font size in (Hotmail)

If you use (formerly called Hotmail), Microsoft’s webmail service, then there are a couple of ways you can create new contacts or add an email sender to your contacts list. We explain how, below.

In, your contacts list section is now branded by Microsoft as ‘People’. You can create contacts directly within this section, or add an email sender to your contacts as you receive a new email. The two methods are pretty distinct (and the latter isn’t instantly obvious), but once you’ve had a go, it becomes second nature.

Remember, the advice below is for users of, Hotmail or or other Microsoft webmail accounts, logging in at the This is different to using the Outlook email client, a program that lives on your desktop.

Method 1 – add contacts to People in

People is the name of the contacts section in If you’re looking at your inbox, it may not be immediately obvious where to find this.

Click the 9-dots icon in the top-left corner – this shows all the tools and web apps that Microsoft gives you with its online services. Select the People icon from these and the People section will open in your browser.

You’ll see an alphabetical list here containing any contacts that you already have. To add a new one, simply click the + New icon then select Contact. Enter the details for your contact (at minimum, a name and email address) and save when you’re done.

Method 2 – save contacts from an email in

This method is easier to do if you’d like to stay within your inbox, rather than moving between the inbox and the People section (as per Method 1). It can also save you from human error of potentially typing someone’s address or details in incorrectly!

  1. When you receive an email from someone you’d like to add to your contacts, click the circle icon with their name or initials in it.
  2. Next, click the three dots for ‘more actions’.
  3. The Add Contact pop-up window will open and you can edit the information about them, including first name, last name, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, other, and notes.
  4. Finally, select Save at the top to save the contact to your People address book as a contact. 

    You don’t have to stick with the default font when typing your emails – it’s easy to change. If you use a Microsoft email account, such as Hotmail or, there are some simple steps you can take to increase the font size so it’s always larger by default, for example.

    How to change your email font size

    Go to and log in to your Microsoft email account, such as your Hotmail address, MSN or Live account.

    Click on Settings (the cogwheel icon at the top right hand corner) then click on Options.

    Click on Mail (top-left corner), then click on Layout then click on Message Format.


    You’ll be presented with various options for changing your default font size, plus the type of font you use, for when you’re typing emails. Click Save and you’re done.

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